Yet More Disregard for our Smallest Children

It’s been a sad week for the future of many unborn children. First the British Medical Association voted to push for the complete decriminalisation of abortion, paving the way for abortion on demand up to birth. And secondly the UK Government decided to provide funding for women from Northern Ireland to have abortions in England.

Both of these developments are extremely disturbing and evidence a complete disregard for the right to life of the smallest, most fragile and most vulnerable human beings in our society. What hope for humanity when the profession whose primary responsibility is to care for and protect life decides to abandon its core values to engage with the culture of death? What hope when one nation’s administration completely ignores the democratic will of another and the wishes of a people who have little desire for abortion?

Time and time again we face questions around abortion and time and time again we fail to sufficiently challenge ourselves on the most important question: what are the unborn? All debate, discussion and argument rests on the answer to this.

Science tells us that from the moment of conception a distinct human being is created and that it is alive and growing. No amount of rhetoric can change this reality and no amount of legislation will ever justify the unnecessary destruction of innocent life.

A recent poll revealed that 60% of people in the UK want to see greater restrictions around abortion. This figure is even higher among women, at 70%. Only 1% want the abortion time limit raised to birth. It is clear that the British public have no appetite for the liberalisation of existing abortion legislation; indeed the opposite is true.