Bishop Nolan condemns ‘great shame’ of rising homelessness

Bishop of Galloway William Nolan has condemned the rising levels of homelessness in Scotland.

There are currently a reported 11,800 homeless people in Scotland and this figure is expected to rise by more than 50% over the next 25 years. Homeless charity Crisis revealed the disturbing figures in a new report. It also found that, in 2016, around 800 people were sleeping rough, with 2,300 households living in hostels, and a further 1,400 living in hostels, refuge centres, night shelter, public transport and cars.

The Bishop said, “The fact that rates of homelessness are rising in a wealthy country like Scotland is a matter of great shame for society. No one in this country should have to sleep in the streets, in doorways or in bus shelters and I hope and pray that they day will soon come, when no one does.”

The Government must do all that it can to prevent people from getting in to the unfortunate situation where they do not have a comfortable bed and shelter for the night. Above and beyond this there must be a concerted effort by all of those in authority to ensure the availability of affordable housing and employment opportunities to give people the best chance at a stable life for them and their family. This should, of course, be augmented by family friendly policies and strong support for those frontline charities such as the Wayside Club, Society of St Vincent de Paul, and Shelter who provide for the most basic needs of those who are homeless.

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