CARITAS – 6,500 young people providing 260,000 hours of loving service in the community

There is nothing quite like the annual CARITAS awards ceremony to bring joy to the heart and renew faith in the goodness of humanity.

This year, over 1,000 pupils from Catholic Secondary schools across the country received an award in recognition of their commitment to their Catholic faith and of their loving service in the community. In its sixth year, CARITAS continues to have a profound effect on Scottish society as it continues to build on the words of Pope Benedict at Bellahouston Park in 2010 when he challenged young Scots to “lead lives faithful to the Lord” and to dedicate their lives to God.

It is incredible to think that in six years a total of 6,500 young people have delivered an astonishing 260,000 hours of loving service to communities across the country. That’s 30 years worth of good works!

Barbara Coupar, Director of the Scottish Catholic Education Service, said: “At a time when there are more people googling how to convert to PDF than convert to religion, there’s a need to ­publicly witness to the fact that Faith is alive and well in making a positive impact and difference in our world.”

The CARITAS award is a fine example of how our faith is a cause for good in our society and it is something that is deserving of the continued support of all people. Let us hope that in the years ahead it continues to provide more and more young people committed to Christ-like love and the common good. Thank God for them.

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