Sustained attack on the unborn at odds with public opinion

It has been a horrendous last couple of weeks for unborn children. On 24th June the British Medical Association voted to support the decriminalisation of abortion, opening up the possibility of abortion on demand up to birth. On 27th June Amnesty International also gave its support to decriminalisation. On 30th June the UK Government agreed to fund abortions for women from Northern Ireland, where abortion is still illegal except in very limited circumstances. And then, on 4th July, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon agreed to do likewise.

The move by the UK and Scottish governments to override the will of the Northern Irish people and its elected Assembly is anti-democratic, anti-constitutional and extremely disrespectful. It is a matter for the people and elected representatives of Northern Ireland to decide which regulations they wish to have in place in relation to abortion; it is not a matter for those whose business lies elsewhere.

Indeed, the UK and Scottish governments would do well to listen to the views of their own citizens who favour greater restrictions on abortion. A recent ComRes poll revealed that 60% of people in the UK want more restrictions. The figure is even higher among women, at 70%. Only 1% wanted the abortion time limit raised to birth, something that the BMA and Amnesty appear to support. It is clear that there is very little appetite in the UK for liberalisation of abortion legislation, and significant appetite for curbing the procedure. One thing is clear, the BMA, Amnesty, and the UK and Scottish Governments are out of step with the public on abortion.

Whilst any move to restrict abortion is welcome the work of the pro-life movement must continue to speak up for the unborn in a spirit of compassion and love and always working towards its ultimate goal of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each and every unborn child and its mother. No mother should feel the need to terminate the life of her child and no child deserves to have their life ended abruptly and unjustly, especially not in the place where it should be safest and most secure. Government must know its place; it must be firm in its resolve to protect all life and create a framework within which all people have the opportunity to flourish, including the child curled up in its mother’s womb.