Care Not Killing Alliance welcomes decision of Court following latest bid to legalise assisted suicide

The High Court in England has rejected the latest challenge to the Suicide Act 1961 and attempt to legalise assisted suicide. The decision, which came in the case of Noel Conway, was welcomed by the Care Not Killing Alliance.

Dr Peter Saunders, Campaign Director of Care Not Killing, said that “at the heart of this legal challenge was an attempt to treat the terminally ill and disabled people differently in law by removing important and universal legal protections.”

Mr Saunders believes that the judges understood that the current law protects vulnerable people from being pressured to end their lives and that “the safest law is the one we currently have, which gives a blanket prohibition on all assisted suicide and euthanasia” which “deters exploitation and abuse.”

The challenge sought to convince the Court that the current ban on assisted suicide and euthanasia is a breach of Mr Conway’s human rights, in particular his right to respect for private life (Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998).

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