Catholic schools, good for Scotland: has your MSP supported the motion?

A motion in the Scottish Parliament recognising the positive contribution of Catholic schools in Scotland has received the support of over 30 MSPs, but we need more! Donald Cameron, MSP for Highlands and Islands, lodged the motion in late January and whilst support is relatively high there are still MSPs who would surely agree that Catholic schools are good for Scotland.

There are 129 MSPs in the Scottish Parliament and whilst some are unable to sign the motion because of ministerial duties or other legitimate reasons there are still many who could sign it.

At time of writing the following MSPs have signed the motion: Donald Cameron (motion sponsor), Tom Mason, Miles Briggs, Bill Bowman, Alexander Stewart, Alison Harris, Peter Chapman, Jeremy Balfour, Elaine Smith, Margaret Mitchell, Jamie Greene, Maurice Corry, Murdo Fraser, Rachael Hamilton, Annie Wells, Richard Lyle, Clare Haughey, Stuart McMillan, Mike Rumbles, Willie Coffey, Clare Adamson, Maurice Golden, Alex Rowley, Fulton MacGregor, Jackson Carlaw, Pauline McNeill, James Kelly, Jackie Baillie, Johann Lamont, James Dornan, David Torrance, Mark Griffin, Monica Lennon, Alex Neil, Anas Sarwar, Neil Bibby.

If your MSP is not listed please do consider contacting them to encourage their support. And remember, you have more than one MSP! Click this link to find out who your MSPs are (just enter your postcode). When writing, emailing or calling your MSP you might want to say: ‘I refer to Motion S5M-10034 by Donald Cameron MSP and wonder if you might be interested in signing the motion and declaring your support for the positive contribution Catholic schools make to Scottish society.’ You might also want to refer to your local Catholic school(s) and provide some examples of good work done by the school in the local community.

Please support your Catholic schools!

You can view Donald Cameron’s motion here.