Catholics of Scotland: stand firm against hate, support your priest and your parish


It is heartening to see so many people showing support and solidarity towards Canon Tom White and his congregation at St Alphonsus Church in Glasgow. Nobody should experience the vile abuse and violence directed towards them as they came out of Mass on Saturday evening during an Orange walk.


Anti-Catholic hate crime continues to account for a disproportionate level of religiously aggravated offending in Scotland (it is consistently at least 50%) and is a scourge on Scottish society.


And this attack is not an isolated incident. Anti-Catholic behaviour is a sad reality of life in Scotland and, far from being a new problem, it is an age old problem that just won’t go away. In our so-called modern, progressive, tolerant Scotland we have witnessed the desecration of a Catholic Church in Coatbridge, a priest and his congregation attacked as they came out of Mass in Fife, and the words ‘Kill all Catholics’ emblazoned on an iconic Glasgow bridge. These, and the attack on Canon White, are all examples of life in contemporary Scotland. They are not a throwback to the seventies or eighties. It is Scotland, here and now.


It has never been so important to show that we will not stand for these attacks; that is why it is vital for the Catholic community to stand together, in solidarity, with one another. In addition to the excellent work being done to improve ecumenical and interfaith relations we must also stand together as a unified Scottish Catholic community.


Please support your local priest and your local parish. Show your solidarity for the community and for a Scotland where anti-Catholic hate becomes a thing of the past.