Church calls for rethink on tackling bigotry

The Catholic Church in Scotland has urged the Scottish Government to have a ‘radical rethink’ on how it tackles sectarian behaviour after new figures showed a rise in anti-Catholic criminal activity.

The Government’s report on religiously aggravated offending found that Roman Catholicism was, by some distance, the most targeted religion.

Director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office Peter Kearney said that “Religiously aggravated crime is at a four-year high, with 719 charges in 2016-17. Worryingly, over half of all religious hate crime targets Catholics or Catholicism, with anti-Catholic charges accounting for 57 per cent of all charges.”

Mr Kearney has called on the Government to take action saying: “Specific action and policies to tackle anti-Catholicism are clearly required. An acknowledgement that anti-Catholicism not only exists but, as measured by police and prosecutors, is growing, is long overdue.”

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