Events to mark the passing of the Abortion Act 1967

Friday 27 October

Silence for ’67

In remembrance of the 8.8 million babies whose lives have been taken by abortion since the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act, LIFE will encouraging people to hold a minute’s silence on Friday 27th October 2017. 

They will be having an event in Parliament Square in London starting at 10:30am on the morning and will also be encouraging people nationwide to observe the minute of silence at 11:04am in their homes and workplaces.

Full details on the event are available here: 


Westminster Cathedral – Vigil Mass

There will be a Mass and Holy Hour Prayer Vigil marking the Anniversary of the Abortion Act on Friday 27th October in Westminster Cathedral at 5:30pm, celebrated by Bishop John Sherrington.

Details on the event are available here:


Saturday 28 October

Commemorating 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act

CARE is taking the lead in organising a major gathering at the Emmanuel Centre in Central London on Saturday 28 October to commemorate the 50th Anniversary, to pray about the loss of life, to stand with women & men who have been affected by abortion and to redouble our efforts to prevent further liberalisation of abortion.

With contributions from Lord Alton of Liverpool, Fiona Bruce MP, Noel Robinson and Blue Apple Theatre amongst others, the evening will be an eclectic mix of information, theatre performances, music and prayer.

Full details on the event are available here:  


Sunday 29 October

Toll The Bells – Commemorating 50 Years Of Abortion In The UK: 1967 – 2017

The Pro-Life Alliance are encouraging all churches in the UK to toll their bells 50 times on the morning of Sunday 29th October 2017 to commemorate the lives lost to abortion.

Full details on the event are available here: