Inquiry: being a Christian in the UK today


The Christians in Parliament all-party group in Westminster is holding an inquiry into the experience of being a Christian in the UK today. 


The inquiry is particularly keen to find out how living out the Christian faith interacts with public institutions such as the Parliament, central and local government, and other professional and regulatory bodies. 


The inquiry seeks to identify the following:

  1. Good governmental practice that helps create an environment in the UK that is accommodating for living as a Christian.
  2. Practices and policies which could be introduced that would further help Christians as they live out their faith in the UK today. 
  3. Areas where current action or lack of action makes the UK a challenging place for Christians living in accordance with their beliefs.


The questionnaire and inquiry is a useful opportunity to express views on what it is like to be a Christian living in the UK and any challenges we might face. The all-party group is also keen to hear of any examples where Christians have faced hostility because of their beliefs. 


Please note the inquiry is UK-wide and residents of Scotland are encouraged to respond. 


Your response can be completely anonymous. 


The consultation, which closes on 16th December, can be accessed here.