Labour MPs launch Catholic group

A group of Labour MPs have launched a ‘Catholics for Labour’ group at the party’s conference in Brighton.

The group, to be led Mike Kane MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, will focus on social justice and be guided by Catholic Social Teaching. Other founding members of the group include Stephen Pound, Emma Lewell-Buck, Conor McGinn and Andy McDonald.

Mr Kane said: “I’ve always seen my politics as inextricably tied to my faith….and my desire to help those who have fallen on hard times all stems from my Catholic upbringing.”

The group is open to all of those interested in applying Catholic social teaching to public policy, and for Catholics who may see themselves as having a future in politics.

A letter written by the founding MPs declares: “We are not about standing still or merely making observations of the world around us. Our hearts and minds are firmly focused on social justice and, guided by the teaching if the Catholic faith, we will work together to actively shape that world and prepare members for a life in public service.”

The formation of a Catholic group like this is to be welcomed, provided of course that it always remains true to Church teaching. A significant benefit to such a group is the confidence it can give to each of its members to be true to their faith in the face of an increasingly hostile culture and political environment. It may also provide a useful forum for MPs to discuss political issues which might impact upon Church teaching.

Catholic members of other political parties might want to consider following suit.

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