Parliamentary debate praises the work of Scotland’s Christian street pastors

A motion by Murdo Fraser MSP praising the work of Christian street pastors has been debated in the Scottish Parliament.

The debate took place on the tenth anniversary of Street Pastors Scotland and highlighted the great work done by Christians of all denominations in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of people on the streets of Scotland’s cities and towns.

The motion noted ‘that Street Pastors Scotland puts its Christian faith to good use in order to improve community relations and the safety of the nighttime economy’ and remarks that there are now 600 street pastors across 23 Scottish communities.

Commenting on his own experience of being a street pastor Murdo Fraser said that: “During our patrol, the street pastors handed out flip-flops, dispensed water bottles and lollipops and provided both a friendly face and a sympathetic shoulder to lean on. Their work is the very pinnacle of Christian compassion, and something that the church is doing more of.”

The sister of Kate Forbes MSP is a street pastor and Kate spoke of a very sad episode which had a happy ending. She said: “my sister spoke about a guy she came across who was on the verge of jumping on to train tracks. She was able to talk to him and stop him from jumping on to those train tracks. She was able to make sure that he had the help that he needed that night. Without street pastors being there in that moment and being willing to work with that guy, there might have been a very different outcome.”

Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities said that “the work of Street Pastors Scotland is absolutely invaluable, as the pastors work to support people in times of crisis and help to make our streets a
safer place. It is an excellent example of how Scotland’s faith communities work to support many of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities and the people in them.”

You can read the full debate via this link.