Pope warns of dangers of eliminating differences between the sexes

Pope Francis has warned of the dangers of trying to eliminate differences between the sexes.

Speaking at the Pontifical Academy for Life’s General Assembly the Pope said that using science “to radically eliminate any difference between the sexes, and, as a result, the covenant between man and woman, is not right.” He said that “the biological and psychological manipulation of sexual difference, which biomedical technology now presents as a simple matter of personal choice – which it is not – risks eliminating the source of energy that nourishes the covenant between man and woman and makes it creative and fruitful.”


The Pope also spoke about the importance of relationships, remarking that God entrusted “creation and history to the covenant between man and woman” which can be seen in the bedrock of society: the family, and the new life that it brings.

He then thanked the members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, commending their commitment to defending the “responsible accompaniment of human life from conception and throughout its years to its natural end.”

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