Scottish Parliament motion notes ‘positive impact’ of Catholic schools in Scotland 

It’s Catholic Education week and there is much to be positive about as we continue a year of great celebration of Catholic schools in Scotland.

Following on from the recent UK Parliament motion which recognised the contribution of Catholic schools, a similar motion has been lodged in the Scottish Parliament. You can see it here.

The motion, put forward by Donald Cameron MSP, recognises the celebrations to take place this year which will mark the centenary of the Education Act 1918 and “the positive impact” that Catholic schools have had on society. The motion also notes that this unique collaboration “continues to reflect the diverse, inclusive and progressive nature of the education system in Scotland.”

Only this weekend a preview of a new documentary on Catholic schools in Scotland, commissioned by the Scottish Catholic Education Service, was released featuring Archbishop Leo Cushley, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Sir Tom Devine. And everyone seems to agree: Catholic schools are good for Scotland! The full length version of the documentary will be released soon and will feature many more high profile names, including more politicians.

In the year when we mark one hundred years of working with the state to deliver an education that is respectful, tolerant, diverse and centred on Christ, this special week, and indeed this special year, is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all that is good about Catholic schools.

Scottish Parliament motion: Please contact your MSPs via this link and encourage them to support the motion.

UK Parliament motion: There’s still time to contact your MP using this link to encourage them to support the UK Parliament motion.

You can also contact most MSPs and MPs on Twitter, so get tweeting!