Karen White, a male to female ‘trans’ and convicted double rapist, assaulted two women in a female prison


SNP backlash may force rethink on ‘transgender’ policies


The Sunday Times reports that the Scottish Government is to “rethink its approach to transgender rights” following a “backlash” from influential figures within the party and grassroots members. The Social Security Minister Shirley Ann-Somerville is reported to be one of those with reservations about the government’s plans.


One of the main concerns with the government’s new proposals, which includes allowing people to self-declare their gender without having to see a doctor, is the danger it poses to vulnerable people, particularly women. Men who self-declare as women could gain access to women-only spaces such as toilets, changing rooms and refuges. The cases of Karen White and Jessica Winfield highlight the risks. The former a double rapist who was sent to New Hall women’s jail where she assaulted two female prisoners. The latter, another double rapist, was put in a woman’s prison and had to be segregated after making advances to other inmates.


A freedom of information request to the Ministry of Justice found that 48% of transgender prisoners in England and Wales are sex offenders, compared to less than 20% of the prison population as a whole.


There are also concerns about the rights of women being eroded, as ‘trans women’ would be able to take places on all-women shortlists, on public boards or compete for jobs. There are also problems in sport, with ‘trans women’ competing in all-women competitions.


SNP MSP John Mason has expressed his concerns about the ‘transgender’ movement and its attempts to “override science”. He said: “are we saying it is possible for males to become females and females to become males?”


Another proposal put forward by the government and causing concern is the suggestion of lowering the age at which an individual can self-declare their gender. A recent Channel 4 documentary highlighted the lack of evidence of the long-term impact and consequences of children transitioning. Stella O’Malley, who herself questioned her sexuality at a young age, tellingly declared that “children are being experimented on without evidence.”   


A YouGov poll commissioned by Pink News in August found that only 18% backed the idea that ‘transgender’ individuals should be able to self-declare their gender without the approval of a doctor. Three times as many supported the status quo: that an individual should not be able to self-declare their gender without seeing a doctor.


Gender dysphoria is a genuine and deeply troubling medical condition for many individuals and it remains listed as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.