Thistles Shopping Centre rejects symbol of peace, love and unity


The Thistles Shopping Centre in Stirling has this week been described as “Grinch-like” and “rigid” after it refused to accommodate a nativity scene.


It’s not surprising that this matter has escalated. This is the kind of so-called political correctness gone mad that we have come to expect from the prevailing culture; a culture that has adopted a form of extreme secularism as its default setting. Proponents desire more than simple separation of Church and State; they want every trace of religion banished from public life altogether. It is an intolerant and illiberal proposition.


The Thistles Centre said that it prides itself on being “religiously and politically neutral in its behaviour” and that their policy is “to support our local community in celebrating the festive season without affiliating with any specific religions or beliefs.” It is quite fascinating to hear that the centre desires to support the local community by celebrating Christmas but that it refuses to do so if the support suggests affiliation with a specific religion. Perhaps they need to look up the definition of ‘Christmas’ and explore its origins.


This decision is disappointing but it is not the first time God and His message of love, hope and mercy have been rejected. Ever since he was betrayed by Judas, Christ has been ridiculed, abused, spat upon, and crucified. He has been rejected many times by many people and the Thistle Centre is just another name on a long list.


If the Thistles Centre wants to make the absurd decision to reject a symbol of peace, love and unity then that is up to them. It is a very sad day indeed.