‘Trans Kids’ documentary: children are being experimented on without evidence


A Channel 4 documentary has highlighted serious concerns around children who ‘transition’ between the sexes.


The documentary, by Stella O’Malley, highlighted the fact that there is little evidence of the long-term impact and consequences of transitioning, which includes children taking puberty blockers and hormone therapy. O’Malley, who expressed concerns that children were being experimented on without evidence, believes there is too much resistance to research on the subject and this was highlighted by the experience of James Caspian, a psychotherapist whose research into gender reassignment reversal was rejected by Bath Spa University because it was “potentially politically incorrect.” The worrying thing here is that Caspian wasn’t even allowed to start his research. He was, in effect, shut down in a move contrary to everything a university would traditionally stand for, including academic freedom. 


The Scottish Government is currently considering changes to legislation around gender recognition, including the possibility that children as young as 12 be allowed to legally self-declare a new gender. You can view the Church’s response to the government’s consultation here. And you can access the recently released Scottish Government report on the consultation here


There have been a number of worrying examples of intolerance in what has become a deeply divisive and emotive debate. Two Girl Guide leaders were expelled and their units shut down earlier this year after they raised concerns about safeguarding. Since last year the Girl Guides have allowed male-bodied trans adults who self-identify as women to be guide leaders and trans children who identify as girls to be members. On trips the children can share lavatories, showers and sleeping accommodation. The two leaders had simply raised genuine concerns about the policy, a supposedly heinous crime in this new world order. 


In another worrying example Angelos Sofocleous, a student at Durham University, was sacked from his post as editor of the university’s online magazine for daring to retweet another tweet that declared: “Women don’t have penises.” 


And then there is the giant poster in Liverpool featuring the words: ‘Woman, women. Noun. Adult human female.’ It was removed after a Twitter activist complained that it made transgender people feel unsafe. Quite disturbing when you realise the poster simply repeated the dictionary definition of ‘woman’. The same advert was not allowed to decorate the side of Edinburgh buses for similar reasons.


We must be sensible about this important debate and be prepared to accept that other people might hold a different view.  


It is one thing to disagree. It is another thing to demonise and shut down.