About the Catholic Parliamentary Office

The Catholic Parliamentary Office is an agency of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland.

We promote Catholic Social Teaching in the public square, engaging with the work of Parliament and Government to ensure that the Church’s voice is heard on relevant issues. We hope to encourage a greater understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and to see the Catholic community of our country engaging in political issues so that we are working together for the dignity of all human life and the common good of society.

We have responsibility for the following:

  • Monitoring and examining the work of the Scottish and UK Parliaments and governments.
  • Engaging with politicians, civil servants, other groups with similar interests, local parishes, clergy and lay people.
  • Lobbying and responding to consultations, questions from politicians, and enquiries raised by Catholics and the general public.
  • Raising awareness and building up knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching and encouraging people to become more involved in the political process.